Imagine Yourself in the Presence of the King


Imagine Yourself in the Presence of the King

Imagine yourself in the presence of the King of Creation.

Imagine the majestic environment – the rarefied air, trees bustling with beauty and dignity – an atmosphere encased in a feeling of delight and joy!

Imagine sinking your teeth into a delectable piece of fruit, soaked with the fullness of life and the freshness of His touch.

Just beyond the horizon, you spy a crowd of animals: healthy and vibrant, on glorious display – marching in rhythm – beneath the base of distant majestic mountain ranges, too beautiful for the heart to fully behold.

Now imagine the King of this astounding place, in the midst of these astonishing surroundings, calling you to come near.


From among all of the beautiful creatures around you, He’s selected you!

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Delight: Rediscovering the Joy


Delight: Rediscovering the Joy

To delight (be satisfied, gratified, entirely content) is to receive a high (perhaps the highest) degree of pleasure or joy.

To give delight is to share our life in such a way that our presence,  gifts, and strengths bring satisfaction to those with whom they are shared.

For example, who doesn’t remember the moments in which we tasted pure, thick, and lasting delight?

Moments like:

  • A first love.
  • A life-long goal or ambition finally achieved.
  • The birth of a child (or first steps and words).
  • The taste of a lover’s kiss.
  •  A piece of literature that re-framed the way you viewed the world.
  • A piece of art that lingers in your minds-eye.

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Does Eminem Get the Gospel?


Does Eminem Get the Gospel?

Legend has it that The Times once sent an inquiry to famous authors, asking the question, “What’s wrong with the world today?”

To which G.K. Chesterton responded:

“Dear Sir,

I am.

Yours, G.K. Chesterton.”

Eminem’s 2013 smash hit, Monster, topped the charts in no fewer than twelve countries.

Featuring guest vocalist Rihanna, the heart-thumping rhythms and hard-driving vocals were greeted by worldwide applause and assault.

Many within the Entertainment industry applauded Monster, while many in the Christian community assaulted Monster.

Admittedly, his lyrics are often filled with images that ignore much of what those within the Christian community hold dear.

Yet, his lyrics also remind us of the hunger and thirst that both shape and direct desires.

It’s these desires that cause us to form and fashion a bevy of New Year’s Resolutions every time January rolls around.

Eminem isn’t the first to expose the truth that the human heart is fueled by desire.  Many of the world’s most prolific poets, artists, theologians, and musicians who’ve come before him have as well.

In fact, desire is a topic Jesus often addressed.

In that way (identifying what lurks within), Eminem gets part of the Gospel right.

It’s not all of the Gospel, mind you.

But, it is part of it and it’s a part of the Gospel that many of us wish to ignore!

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