The Story of a Church: A Disruptive and Dynamic Journey!


Spiritual Formation as a Disruptive and Dynamic Journey!

God’s Kingdom has come (already begun) with the birth, death, and resurrection of Christ. This is an indisputable biblical fact.

It’s also true that his kingdom rule continues to be contested!  The powers that once ran and sought to ruin his good world through sin and shame continue to exert notable force.

Even as the often slow but certain Kingdom-coming continues to make its presence known!

These two realities

  1. That God’s reordered rule in and through His son, our Messiah, has already begun, and
  2. That the powers and principalities of this present age continue to resist,

have real-time consequences in this life.

A lingering consequence of these two truths is that spiritual formation is often more like a disruptive and dynamic journey, rather than a linear and progressive trajectory.

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A Story About A Church: Something Has to Change!


A Story about a Church: Something Has to Change!

Why is that life – that joyful life with Jesus – so hard to experience now?  What is it about the way we are living life that makes such moments exceptional, and why on earth can they not be normative?”

She had me at “why.”

She was right.

In my heart, I sensed that something had to change.

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The Story of A Church, Pt. 2: Discovering a Fairly “New” Thing!


The Story of a Church, Pt. 2: Discovering a Fairly “New” Thing!

When our Pillar family began this journey back in 2011, congregational resources related to spiritual formation and soul-care were scarce.  Further, communities attempting to practice a similar way of life were few and far between. 

We quite literally felt like an island unto ourselves.

I searched high and low for resources of all types – both people and places – that I could rely on or to whom I could turn for companionship.  Now and then someone or someplace caught my eye. 

I excitedly jumped on the web, read the book, or made a call to the church, only to find that spiritual formation was just another program they were offering as one option among many.  In short, it was an extracurricular activity but not part of the DNA of the congregation.

And, while, that was appropriate for those congregations, Pillar Community began with Spiritual Formation as the singular focus and heartbeat of our mission and strategy.

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