Forgiveness Embodies, Absorbs, and Overwhelms Debt!

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Years ago, when Melissa was diagnosed with Lymphoma, I felt as if God abandoned me.  I felt as if He had abandoned my family.

It was, for an extended period of time, a very dark and tortuous spiritual journey.

I was angry with God.

I wondered, on many occasions, “How, God, would you allow such a thing?”  Certainly, of all people, God knows that I deserve better than this! After all, Melissa and I had dedicated ourselves to Christian service.  “How could God allow such a thing to occur?”

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The Beatles, Our Heavenly Father, and Help!

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Help, I Need Somebody!

Fifty-one years ago, in 1965, the Beatles released their smash-hit album, Help.

Help is one of my personal favorites.  It includes hits like “Ticket to Ride,” “You’ve beatles-helpGot to Hide Your Love Away,” and “Yesterday.”

“Help”, the album’s title track, is a fast-moving, upbeat, happy-sounding, Rock ‘n’ Roll tune.  As such, its origin might surprise you.

Written by a depressed Lennon, it’s not a “happy” song at all.  It’s Lennon crying out for help during a particularly  rough season of life.  Lennon’s cry is one we all experience from time to time.  While Lennon ran to music for help – not a bad option by the way – it may not have been the best place to start.

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God is Actively Involved!

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Last week we looked viewed the Lord’s Prayer as a confession that God CAN take action and proclamation that God HAS taken action.

This week we look at the present and future aspect of this prayer revealed in the truth that God DOES and WILL take action.

  • This prayer anticipates the moment when God DOES take action.
  • This prayer expresses a desire that God WILL take action.

Our focus is on Matthew 6:10, which says:

“Your kingdom come. Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”

Because God CAN take action and because God HAS taken action, we can also trust that God DOES take action!

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