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Amidst Dreams Where We leap


This week’s post* is the first of a four poem progression entitled The Human Experience. This poem is called Amidst Dreams Where We Leap. Following the them of last week’s post, the poem portrays an interpretation of Chapter 1: Creation.

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Can We Die From Loneliness?


Statistics tell us that heart disease, cancer and respiratory issues number among the leading causes of death. George Monbiot suggests another cause we’d be wise to consider: loneliness. Not car accidents. Not drug overdoses. Not strokes. Loneliness.

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Why Are We Drawn To Vampires?


For many, Twilight is less about a time of day and more about vampires. From Dracula to Bella Swan, millions are fascinated with vampires.  We are drawn to zombies too for that matter. Indeed, we are captivated by bloodsuckers. According to, … Continue reading

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