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A Father and a Fan, 2: The Heart of Vero Keeps Hope Alive!


When a team has heart – by that I mean grit, determination, desire, mettle, and hunger – hope never dies. As long as hope lives, anything is possible! Anything! Last Friday night, fans of this year’s installment of #fightingindianfootball, witnessed a … Continue reading

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Three Things I Wish I’d Known the Moment I Became a Dad!


I became a father in 1997. It took a while for me to learn how to become a dad.  Through a series of not so pretty combustions, explosions, trials, and triumphs, I finally figured a few things out! In keeping … Continue reading

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Porn Addiction and Twelve (or so) Alarming Trends, Pt. 3


Porn Addiction and Twelve (or so) Alarming Trends, Pt. 3 An entire generation has been asleep at the wheel when it comes to protecting our children against the pandemic that is Porn! What do the following dates have in common? … Continue reading

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