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Along with the implementation of my new blog site, I intend to launch a ‘word of the week’ post.  This weekly post (I hope to distribute on Wednesday of each week), will offer a brief ‘word’ for your consideration and reflection.  Each post will offer a word, quote, poem, saying, etc. of an author I am reading or have read.  I will also include a link to the larger body of work, where appropriate.

Today’s “Wednesday’s Word of the Week” is EVANGELISM.  The following quote is from a recent work …
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Happy Birthday Pillar: Celebrating Four Years of Soul Keeping and Spiritual Formation!

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Though we hope seekers will find a warm place in our gathering, we will not target them, focus on them or make them the end all be all of our ministry. Rather, we will focus on the soul and the ways in which the soul is shaped so that we desire what Christ desires and long for His will in our life. Soul craft is how I like to describe it.

Do You Walk With or Fight For God?

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I recently reflected on a wonderful text of Scripture which I have read dozens, perhaps hundreds of times in my life. I have, in fact, preached sermons from this very text:

Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”

As I meditated in silent reflection and prayer, …
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The Marvel of Mystery In the Majesty of God

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My wife and I are fans of Masterpiece Theater’s  hit series, Downton Abbey. We used to be HUGE fans.  Since the untimely and unfortunate death of our favorite character, Matthew Crawley, we are now mere fans.  Fans who, of course, watch every episode of each season.

This past week’s show featured the invention and use of the wireless.  Otherwise known as the radio.  An astounding invention firmly resisted by both Robert and Violet, the shows resident guardians of all that is pure and true.  In other words, all that represents …
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New Year’s Resolutions: My Annual Party Celebrating Old Companions!

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Studies tell us that most of us will fail to keep our New Year’s Resolutions (  While I am not familiar with the methodology behind the various studies, I am familiar with New Year Resolution Failure. In fact, I no longer make resolutions.  I simply celebrate the anniversary of my previous resolutions.  I have even begun to relate to my resolutions as old friends; companions on the way who drop in for a party about this time each year.

I am going to introduce you to a few of these …
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Imagining Heaven: The Day Without Night

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Imagining Heaven: The Day Without Night

I see a day – perhaps long in the distance or just yet to come – when I will stand between two worlds. For the briefest of moments, when the sun finally sets on this side of the horizon, I will awaken to the dawn of a new day in the great just beyond.  In the momentary merging of these two worlds, I shall say farewell to those with whom I have journeyed thus far even as I am welcomed into newness by friends …
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Everyone is Drunk on Something!

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We are all drunk on something.  We are all drunk on someone.  For nearly two decades of my young life, I was drunk on pornography; addicted to the high of false love and half esteem.  The power of porn’s addictive magnet has decreased significantly.  Though porn’s magnetic force is and may always be present, its power is wonderfully diminished; it’s grip surprisingly broken.  Porn’s gravitational pull has been disrupted in the most unlikely of ways.

Others caught in porn’s addictive grip (or any addictive grip for that matter) have asked …
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In Full Bloom

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Desire is the soil in which the human heart nurtures the flowering of life. A plant rooted in rich, well tended soil is a wonder to behold.  Conversely, a plant rooted in nutrient deprived, poorly tended soil is a sickly sight.  One blooms beautifully.  Her petals are vast and multicolored!  The other fails to bloom. Rather, she tatters on the ends where the bloom longs to be.  Just as the blooms in the garden of spring burst forth to give and receive, desire abloom is designed to give and receive.  …
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aha ~ I Am An Ever Firing Furnace of Desire!

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“In the torment of the insufficiency of everything attainable we eventually learn that here, in this life, all symphonies remain unfinished.”~Karl Rahner

In his wonderful book, Against An Infinite Horizon, Ron Rolheiser opens with this quote from Rahner. A failure to comprehend the truth behind this quote is to risk a life lost to reckless wandering: an unending and exhausting quest for the next person, place or possibility to satisfy the hunger in our soul. To understand this, however, is to be one who, at last, has come to realize …
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Moment of Awakening #3, An Evening at the Grill

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I recall a mild November evening in 2009 when God and I communed.  I was at the grill preparing our evening meal. God was in the sky doing his thing: painting a brilliant and multi-dimensional sunset that brought delight to my eyes.  Here, on this holy ground of nowhere,¹ I encountered a moment that would encounter all moments!

My first moment of awakening revolves around my journey out of porn addiction and can be found at the following link:

My second moment of awakening centers on my wife’s diagnosis …
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