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Would Dr. Seuss ‘Google’ in a Boat?


“I would not eat them here or there I would not eat them anywhere. I would not eat green eggs and ham. I do not like them Sam I Am.” Ah, yes. Dr. Seuss. Many of us have grown up … Continue reading

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Resolutions? No Mas. 2016 is about Life Shaping Desire!


2016 Resolutions?  I resolve to remain unresolved!  How’s that?? No mas!  I’m done!  Uncle!  I am, in modern vernacular, tapping out. I considered putting ink to paper and developing a resolution or two.  Then I spied March’s dissolution in the … Continue reading

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Why Are We Drawn To Vampires?


For many, Twilight is less about a time of day and more about vampires. From Dracula to Bella Swan, millions are fascinated with vampires.  We are drawn to zombies too for that matter. Indeed, we are captivated by bloodsuckers. According to The-Numbers.com, … Continue reading

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