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Love as the Experience of Knowing and Being Known


Love, the experience of knowing and being known, is a game-changer! Love certainly changed the game for me! I can easily list a host of “loves” that have produced change and transformation in my life: The love of my parents … Continue reading

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Resolutions? No Mas. 2016 is about Life Shaping Desire!


2016 Resolutions?  I resolve to remain unresolved!  How’s that?? No mas!  I’m done!  Uncle!  I am, in modern vernacular, tapping out. I considered putting ink to paper and developing a resolution or two.  Then I spied March’s dissolution in the … Continue reading

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Advent – Unearthing and Aiming Desire as We Wait on and Watch for Him!


C.S. Lewis, in Mere Christianity, suggests that we are a people of deep and unending desire (https://www.cslewis.com/us).  He further states that our unending quest for satisfaction reveals a deeper and often confounding truth about what it means to be human; what … Continue reading

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