Three Things I Wish I’d Known the Moment I Became a Dad!

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I became a father in 1997.

It took a while for me to learn how to become a dad.  Through a series of not so pretty combustions, explosions, trials, and triumphs, I finally figured a few things out!

In keeping with the theme of this blog site, that lasting change requires ongoing disruption; I want to share three things I wish I’d known the moment I became a dad.

These things were discovered because I failed, often.…
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Six Quick Tips to Combat the Seedy Side of Social Media!

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Six Quick Tips To Combat Seedy Side of Social Media!

Okay, parents, we all know that social media is here to stay.

If that’s the case, developing a strategy that will enable your child to enjoy the benefit of social media (and gaming sites), while preventing them from early exposure to the seedy side of the social media world is vital.

In this post, I’ll share Six-Quick Tips that will help you prepare your child and develop an intentional plan in your home!…
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Social Media Apps Provide Porn and a Big Blue Whale that’s Killing Our Kids!

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Social Media Apps Provide Porn and a Big Blue Whale that’s Killing Our Kids.

Have you heard of the Blue Whale Challenge?


Stop what you are doing and Google it.  Better yet, get on your Instagram and key in #thebluewhalechallenge.

Be prepared, this game is being blamed for over 100 suicides in Russia and the UK.

It’s made its way to our shores and recently claimed the life of a 15 year-old  Texas child.

It’s time you learn what it is, how to prepare your child, and ways to …
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Social Media: You Child is Spending NINE Hours A Day On it!

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Social Media: You Child is Spending NINE Hours a Day On It!

Social media apps are saturated with porn.  Porn is not, however, the only problem.  The problems associated with social media, particularly among the generation raised with unfettered access to social media, range from lack of trust to a loss of hope.

Note the lament of a teenager raised in the digital age.  While her voice is her own, it’s one familiar to and representative of so many more:

“I have terrible trust issues.  Ever since middle school and …
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Parenting Against Porn’s Mid-week Minute- This Year’s Dirty Dozen!

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Welcome to the Disruptus Renovatus Mid-Week Minute, a Parenting Update.  This is a tool (often a short read) designed to assist parents who want to protect their children and grandchildren from the influence of porn!

Many times I’ll provide helpful tips and hints related to technology and the media-crazed teen world.

Other times I’ll offer stories from my experience of parenting and struggle with porn addiction.

Most of these posts will highlight, however, porn’s ongoing, and often subterranean, influence in our culture.  May of us, in the midst of our …
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Five Practical Pointers for Parenting Tweens in an Age of Porn!

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Parenting is tough work.

Particularly these days.

Parents today are forced to raise children who are exposed multiple levels of input at ages early than ever before.

For example, most parents are likely unaware of what happened during the years of 2008 – 2011 regarding pornographic content available to tweens.

Do you remember what you were doing between the years of 2008 – 2011?

Not sure?

Yeah.  Me either.

Pornography and Preteens or Tweens

But I can tell you what Pornographers were doing.  They were trapping our preteens and tweens.…
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Five Quick Tips for Parenting Against Porn

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Five Quick Tips for Parenting Against Porn†

My wife and I – having three teenagers in our home – are raising children who are fully absorbed into the first technology-drenched generation.  As such, we’ve learned a few things – often through failure – that might help those of you who are walking in our shoes.

So, from the heart of one parent to another – if you are interested in PARENTING AGAINST PORN and guarding your child’s heart, then take a minute and consider the following FIVE QUICK TIPS.

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I Love My Wife AND Friday Night Lights!!

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In Vero Beach, where I live, high school football is a weekly tradition. For some, we might even call it a ritual.

We usually buy four season tickets and attend most of the home games. The team is fun to watch. Coach Jankowski and his staff do a stellar job (in my opinion) getting the team ready to play every Friday night: under the lights!

This year, our middle child is a rising freshman. He loves football.  He cannot wait to put on the pads and play ball for the …
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A Few Simple Ways Any Parent Can Minimize the Impact of Porn!

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Tired of porn ruling your world, running your emotions, wrecking your home?

Tired of addiction consuming you, your spouse, your kids, your friends, and neighbors?

In this and the next few posts – I am going to outline a few simple ways any parent/person can minimize the impact of porn!

I am not offering boundaries or a list of protective measures one might take in this effort. Establishing boundaries and developing guidelines for technology usage is crucial. I have made those suggestions elsewhere on this blog.

These posts will dig …
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