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What is a “Contemplative” Bible Study?


Our culture is, perhaps, the most distracted and disengaged culture in human history. New York Times Journalist, Tony Schwartz, recently noticed how distracted he’s become when trying to read a book – something an award-winning Journalist and author ought to … Continue reading

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The Long Journey Home: 2016’s Desires, Part 2!


“But the things that began to happen after that were so great and beautiful that I cannot write them.” The above quote is the way C.S. Lewis begins the closing pages of his final book in the Chronicles of Narnia … Continue reading

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Thirty Is The New Eighteen


Failure To Launch, featuring a trim and fit Matthew McConaughey and slim and curvy Sarah Jessica Parker, made Emerging Adulthood look cool: sexy.  Emerging or postponed adulthood is the term used to describe an entire generation of humanity caught somewhere between … Continue reading

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