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The Story of a Church: A Disruptive and Dynamic Journey!


Spiritual Formation as a Disruptive and Dynamic Journey! God’s Kingdom has come (already begun) with the birth, death, and resurrection of Christ. This is an indisputable biblical fact. It’s also true that his kingdom rule continues to be contested!  The … Continue reading

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Football, Formation, and Faith: What’s Practice Got to Do With Pentecost?


Football, Formation, and Faith: What’s Practice Got to Do with Pentecost? What’s practice have to do with Pentecost? More than you may know!

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July Prayer Journey: A Few Minutes A Day May Just Change Your Life!


Can a few minutes a day change your life? The ancients thought  so! The Psalmist proclaims, in Psalm 119:164, “I will praise you seven times a day     because all your regulations are just.” How might seven full stops a day … Continue reading

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