The Preteen Field is Drenched in Blood and Porn is its Reaper!

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The Preteen Field is Drenched in Blood and Porn is its Reaper!

Are you one of those who still believe that Porn and civility can coexist?

Many do.

I know that correlation (we detect a relationship between the proliferation of porn and violence in our culture) and causation (porn proliferation can be traced directly to, or is the cause of, abuse and violence among teens) are two very different things.

But it doesn’t take a statistician to know that Porn is reaping a bloody harvest in what should be our …
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Thirty Is The New Eighteen

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Failure To Launch, featuring a trim and fit Matthew McConaughey and slim and curvy Sarah Jessica Parker, made Emerging Adulthood look cool: sexy.  Emerging or postponed adulthood is the term used to describe an entire generation of humanity caught somewhere between the ages of 18 and 30(ish).

Emerging adults  struggle with their journey into the world of adulthood.  Apparently emerging or postponed adulthood is more of the norm than the exception these days.

Consider the following excerpt from a piece in the NY Times a few years ago:

“The 20s …
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