The Good News Gospel of the Kingdom of God

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**This article is one I’ve posted before.  I am re-posting it because I am going to circle back around to how a Transforming Pastoral Ministry frames and embodies the Gospel. Our understanding of and experience with the Gospel is vital if our mission is (as I contend) Spiritual Formation and Soul-Care.  I cannot think of any other conversations as important as this one.  Please let me know your thoughts**

Several years ago I attended a funeral for a dear friend who lived and ministered in our community for decades.

And, …
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Easter: A Celebration of Self-Giving Love

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Easter: A Celebration of Self-Giving Love

Last week, I began exploring several pervasive assumptions regarding how we perceive or experience God.  Each one prevents us from experiencing Him the way the Bible consistently portrays Him to the world.

These assumptions are:

God is Distant from us. We don’t often think of God as one who reveals Himself. God is Disgusted with us. When we do reflect on His presence in our midst, we rarely think of Him as one who reveals Himself as Divine, self-giving love. Many, in fact, perceive…
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A Disruptive and Dynamic Process of Spiritual Formation: The Gospel

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A Disruptive and Dynamic Process of Spiritual Formation: The Gospel

In last week’s post, I shared three of seven dynamic and disruptive ministry rhythms of Pillar Community Church. These three rhythms are:

Discipleship Worship Spiritual Rhythms/Bodily Disciplines

Each of these seven rhythms constitutes a central emphasis one will likey experience in many church settings.

As such, they become central rhythms in congregational, family, and individual lives.  When we soak-in these rhythms together, they then pour out all over those around us.

This week I will begin to explore a fourth …
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Born For More! Created For Meaning! Designed For Eternity!

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More than twenty years ago Freddy Mercury hauntingly asked the world, “Who wants to live forever?” (here,

According to the Fall Out Boys, we all do.

That is, at least, what their iconic hit Centuries envisions:

Some legends are told Some turn to dust or to gold But you will remember me Remember me for centuries

Centuries packs quite a punch (here, A punch that is felt in a host of ways.  From the driving guitar riffs, which lie just beneath the surface of the song’s teeming waters …
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