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A Story About A Church: Something Has to Change!


A Story about a Church: Something Has to Change! “Why is that life – that joyful life with Jesus – so hard to experience now?  What is it about the way we are living life that makes such moments exceptional, and why on … Continue reading

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The Long Journey Home: 2016’s Desires, Part 2!


“But the things that began to happen after that were so great and beautiful that I cannot write them.” The above quote is the way C.S. Lewis begins the closing pages of his final book in the Chronicles of Narnia … Continue reading

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Transforming Community: The Ongoing Project of Us!


My children are all teenagers. As such, I am no longer on edge when they are near a hot stove. I no longer fear they will reach out and touch the glimmering light on the stove top. Why? Because, by … Continue reading

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