A Father and a Fan, 2: The Heart of Vero Keeps Hope Alive!

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When a team has heart – by that I mean grit, determination, desire, mettle, and hunger – hope never dies.

As long as hope lives, anything is possible!


Last Friday night, fans of this year’s installment of #fightingindianfootball, witnessed a team with heart.

And, honestly, no one ever guessed that heart would be required to win this year’s district championship game.

Indeed, we entered Fort Pierce Central’s home field as huge favorites.  We left as district champions!

But something special happened in between our coming in as favorites and …
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Vero Beach, It’s Time We Begin to Believe Again! A State Championship is Coming to Town!

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Vero Beach, It’s Time We Begin to Believe Again! A State Championship is Coming to Town!

Billy Livings is a legend in these parts.  Rightly so.

As the Fighting Indian head football coach, his teams won year, after year, after year, after year.

Vero’s last state championship win (in 1981) is indelibly attached to his name.

I had the privilege watching some of his teams in the late 90s.  My wife, a Vero girl, had the privilege of attending school and cheering on the sidelines during the Livings Legendary Era.…
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Football, Formation, and Faith:10 Things I Am Learning From My Son’s High School Team.

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I’ve spent years watching my children compete in various athletic endeavors. I’ve also enjoyed witnessing the development of their other talents, beyond the field-of-play.  Such as their artistic and musical talents, to name only two.

They are, all three of them, extremely talented individuals!

As I reflect on all of these experiences, there is one – more recently at least – that stands out above the others.  It stands out because it relates directly to what I do as a pastor and the vision/mission of the church I serve.

You …
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